About Us

Icmenu Electronics Co., Ltd specializes as one of the top Leadingdistributors of electronics components, forces on the fast-growing and rapidly developing in recent years to become your Full-service Global Supply Chain Partner.

We are committed to providing comprehensive electronic components supply chain solutions services for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Original Brand Manufacturers (OBM), Contract Manufactures, Electronic Manufacturer Service (EMS), and Independent Design House (IDH) both. Including Spot Buy, BOM Kitting, Inventory Asset Management, PPV cost down, and other Value-Added Services.

With Icmenu Electronics one-stop supply chain solutions business model, we continuously improve the customer supply chain management level, help customers reduce costs, work more efficiently and increase revenue at various link sections like R&D, procurement, production, logistics, warehousing, and capital.

Founded in 2010, With a sizeable warehouse in Hong Kong headquarter office, we have developed branch offices located in Shenzhen  China. With the market development trend of global economic integration, Icmenu Electronics has formed a professional sales team and a strong sourcing team with over staff above, which specialize in Sever & Storage, Communication Telecom Industrial Electronics, Security & Surveillance, Automotive, Medical, and other Electronics industry areas.

We specialize in providing customers with the below services:

●  Global sourcing spot purchase service

●  PPV projects cost-down service

●  Inventory asset management service

●  BOM kitting service

●  EOL & Obsolete sourcing service

●  Finance support

●  Value-added service

With a Full Distribution Network, complete Logistics Network, Modern Warehousing Facilities, an experienced and passionate service team, market information quick collection and reaction, a strict QC management system, and a huge information database, Icmenu Electronics is your most reliable preferred supply chain solution provider!

Why choosing us:

  1. Almost 12 years experience in electronic components industry.
  2. A variety of channels to satisfy various demands including industrial product.
  3. Sufficient stock on your urgent demand.
  4. Professional high quality service to solve your confusion.
  5. Timely reply within 2 hours during working time.
Who we are:
  1. Icmenu Electronics Co., Ltd  is a reliable and professional electronic components supplier.
  2. We can be No.1 in this field.
  3. We are with great passion of it.
  4. We know,we can gain what we seed.
  5. We can surpass our competitors by achieving it.
  6. Our customers will trust us and make long-term cooperation with us.