MikroElektronika releases Wi-Fi 8 Click board


MikroElektronika has released a ‘Click’ board intended to demonstrate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities of Microchip’s ATWINC3400-MR210CA module.

Called Wi-Fi 8 Click, it joins 15 other Wi-Fi clicks available from Mikroe.

ATWINC3400-MR210xA is Bluetooth 5.0 certified and includes an IEEE 802.11 b/g/n RF-baseband- MAC (medium access control) network controller. Power amplifier, low-noise amplifier and transmit-receive switch are included, and the board integrates a 2.4GHz chip antenna and a 32.768kHz clock for sleep operation.

An SPI bus is included to speak to the host microcontroller.

Mikroe’s Click boards are supported by a mikroSDK compliant library, and use the standard 16pin mikroBUS created by the company a decade ago.