MOSFETs to have 3.8% CAGR 2020-26


Today the consumer market contributes 37% of silicon MOSFET revenues, making it the largest sector worth $2?8 billion.

Automotive, including EV, will boost the demand for silicon power MOSFETs due to increasing adoption of auxiliary systems and electrification. 

Auxiliary motor drives boost low voltage MOSFETs, while electrification boosts high voltage MOSFETs that are included in DC/DC converter or on-board charger systems. 

The two segments together are today 21% of the MOSFET market. They will increase to 32% by 2026.

With China accounting for 38% of silicon MOSFET sales, Chinese players are beginning to emerge such as Jilin Sino Microelectronics, Silan Microelectronics, CRMicro and SiEn which is building a 300mm fab.