Anglia promotes 3.2-42Vin 120mA out dc-dc buck converter


Operating down to 3.2V (2.9V typ), the synchronous LT8604 will switch as fast at 2.2MHz and as slow as 200kHz – programmable by resistor. Efficiency can be over 90%.

Topology is peak current mode, with minimum on-time as small as 35ns, allowing high step-down at high frequency. The LT8604 switching frequency can be programmed via an oscillator resistor over a 200kHz to 2.2MHz.

The enable pin has an accurate 1V threshold to allow it to be used to programme a Vin under-voltage lock-out.

A flag pin signals when Vout is within ±7.5% of the programmed output voltage, as well as fault conditions, and thermal shut-down is implemented

Operating temperature is -40 to +125°C (E/I suffix) or -40°C to +150°C (J).

Packaging is 3 x 2mm 10 lead side-wettable DFN Package, and the device is AEC-Q100 qualified.

“The device integrates top and bottom power switches with all necessary circuitry. In addition, the regulator utilises low ripple burst mode enabling high efficiency down to low output currents while keeping the output ripple below 10mVp-p,” according to distributor Anglia, whch is stocking the part, and is currently promoting it with an evaluation board offer.

Anglia LT8604 dcdc evel boardThe evaluation board, EVAL-LT8604-AZ, is designed to deliver 120mA at 5V from 5.9 to 42V on the input, switching at 700kHz. “The wide input range allows a variety of input sources, such as automotive batteries and industrial power supplies,” according to Anglia. An EMI filter installed on the board, and associated paperwork shows CISPR25 Class 5 radiated EMI peak limit and the circuit passing it from 30MHz to 1GHz.”