Transaction Notes

1. International freight to make up the situation

Icmenu Electronics Co., Ltd. Purchase platform for integrated circuit (IC) class of materials imported from the basic international shipping

As part of the model (such as fans, cables, modules, etc.) more purchases, larger or heavier weight and other reasons overweight, the customer needs to pay the excess part of the freight difference. In case of overweight, our customer service staff will contact you to remind you to pay shipping matters.

2. Tariff, commodity inspection, 3C costs

(Eg, relays, band-pass filters, attenuators, modules, cables, etc.) may require additional income of 3% -12 (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) % Of the tariff switches, fuses, gas discharge tubes and other needs of commodity inspection and 3C certification fees, if you submit the order contains the need to pay tariffs or other customs declaration of the model, our customer service staff will inform you the first time and inform the relevant Matters.

3. About the embargo model

Icmenu Electronics Co., Ltd. Strictly complies with the relevant export restrictions for overseas suppliers, and any models involving export restrictions / embargoes are not subject to purchase, depending on the supplier's shipping conditions. Sometimes it may happen that the goods are temporarily informed that they are in the area of export restrictions / embargoes and that they need to be withdrawn. Resulting in any loss, Icmenu Electronics Co., Ltd. will not be liable. We apologize for any inconvenience.

4. Order review mechanism

Due to the possible tariffs, embargoes, etc., Icmenu Electronics Co., Ltd. Set the order review mechanism. After the user successfully submits the order, it is required to confirm the order by Icmenu Electronics Co., Ltd. customer service personnel, and then make the payment without any problem. The specific status of the order review can be viewed at the member center, or contact customer service online for details.

5. Model data update delay problem

Icmenu Electronics Co., Ltd. Website All data except for self-products are derived from the corresponding suppliers, the basic guarantee real-time updates. However, due to vendor inventory data on the global open or the supplier's own website data update is not timely and other reasons, you see the purchase price and inventory and other information may be a little error. If the order status is updated to "confirmed order" after successful order, please pay as soon as possible so as not to change the price and the quantity of the stock. If there is a problem, our customer service will be the first time to contact you.

(Remind: After submitting the order, please make sure that the order status is updated to "confirmed order" and then make payment, and avoid other problems due to unconfirmed payment.

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